Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps

Here is an example of the color decal “wrap” of a 34-foot NASCAR event trailer done for Kellogg’s.  When doing the install, I removed all of  the door hardware, before the decal application, then re-installed everything.  This was done to allow for a cleaner, smoother application.  Sometimes, the decals are applied to the door hardware, without removing it.

Face to face with “Corny,” you can clearly see how we need to work to make sure that critical elements of the decal need to be able to fit with the shape of the design of the trailer itself.

Graphicommunication can do mock-up vehicle wraps, and then help you with the printing  and installation of your dercal graphics.  Here is an example of a partial wrap, where the entire vehicle is not covered.

Here is another decal layout for a mountain sports gear store.

Here is one of three promotional tour trucks I handled for Coors Brewing, with just the cargo area wrapped.