Vector Art

Vector Art Graphics

Vector artwork is really handy to use, since it can so easily be scaled, up and down, and it can be placed atop various web page backgrounds, as you can see has been done onto the charcoal gray web site background, below this yellow Porsche’s side view.

The two Ford GT renderings above contain what are called “filters,” for creating transparent “windshield” glass or “headlight” glazing, but the Yellow Porsche is a simpler look, placed onto a subtle gradient background, for the simpler, side view of the Porsche.  The point is, Vector Art offers a great deal of versatility.

All of these emblems were rendered as vector art, so that there’d be a nice, clean version of the needed look.  People often wish that they had a version that could be sized-up, and still look the way it should, and you can see that recreating these emblems in vector art has accomplished the objective.

This Boy Scout shoulder patch is a great example of a vector art “rescue mission.”  Unfortunately, lots of people end up misplacing the source artwork from which an important item was created.  This was just one of those cases.  The client, a dedicated Boy Scout mentor, needed to be able to get some new shoulder patches done for her Scout Troop, but she had no available artwork from which to make them.  That’s where I came in.  To get new patches done, I emulated the look of the original patch, as closely as possible, and came up with this, a really close “knock-off,” used to make some new, high-quality patches, for a whole new generation of Scouts from this Troop.

Now, if you’re needing more complicated, sophisticated emblems done, take a look at these classic British military insignia, all rendered in Adobe Illustrator, for use in historical prints

Here is a  “UPS” branded stagecoach that I was asked to render for use in the graphics and animation needed for a corporate event held in Arizona.

Just to show that not all vector art vehicles are sleek and sporty; some have a heavier look to them, like this M-24 Chaffee Tank: