Graphic Art & Print Production Sourcing & Coordination

The primary thrust here is design, illustration and layout, creating both original artwork, along with modifying other people’s preexisting artwork, to prepare it for its subsequent use in all sorts of production.

The other area of emphasis involves sourcing and coordinating all kinds of production, conversion, and installation capacities, handling projects for corporations, advertising & promotion agencies, and other organizations.

You can contact us to arrange for conventional print production, as well as the handling of more unusual requirements, such those presented by signage, POS, promotions, special events, vehicular graphics, pavilion tents, printed products needed by the hospitality and restaurant industries, and graphics requiring etching, binding, die-cutting, scoring, stamping, sonic-welding, sample-swatching, embroidery, or other processes.

You can also obtain help in defining your requirements, brainstorming potential approaches, and planning the sequential ramping-up of your current and future production. You can even receive help in crafting or rewriting your copy.

Both in freelance capacities and in managing creative services and production for advertising and promotion agencies engaged in national brand promotions across the US, we’ve handled an astonishing array of production and tour/event preparation, as well as preparing art for everything from magazine ads, to software packages, to medical disposables, to tractor trailer fleet decals.

In addition to advertising and marketing graphics, in the area of illustration work, this site contains dozens of examples of highly detailed historical renderings from the fields of aviation and military history, and some of these renderings have appeared at air museums and in air show usage. Military or Aviation-interest or historical publishers requiring high quality color profiles or renderings are invited to make contact.

John Stanley

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