Artwork for bank branch locations that needed door and window decals:

There was a need for creating window decal signage for bank branches in California, but the needed artwork was not available.  Instead of the full color version of the bank logo used on most of their signage, this window signage needed to be semi-transparent, so this reprise of the original logo was done, and the colors changed to create what would result, when applied to a clear decal material,  in a subtle, “etched glass” effect, once the window decal had been installed.

The sign above was designed as a backlit pan sign, with decorative ironwork added to the top and bottom.

Below, this rendering was used for a stately sign for the entrance to a housing development.   The builder was named Austin, and the knight’s shield in the center is embazoned with the Austin family coat of arms.  I get requests from time to time for recreations of family heraldry. 

This is stone masonry monument sign stands out in front of an elegant restaurant located not far west of the DFW International Airport.

This is an interior sign design for a motorcycle dealership showroom, done with some simulated burned-in lettering, but, though it affords a rustic visual effect, it’s really only intended for close-in viewing amidst consistent indoor lighting conditions.

This Kellogg’s NASCAR event trailer created a large backdrop for promotions at racing venues all over the country.

Three promotional touring trucks just like this one were used as the rolling backdrops for marketing to consumers at air shows, racing events, state fairs, concerts, grand openings, and anywhere else that a massive crowd could be expected, from Coast to Coast.

This is a Site Plan Sign that I was asked to create to help people find their way around the Neiman Marcus Customer Care Center.

Here is a Desert Southwest-themed rendering developed for use at a UPS corporate event held in Arizona.

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