Vector Logos

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or refining, renewing, or redefining your coporate look, we can help.  Just let us know what you’re needing to accomplish.  Here are some vector art logo examples, a sample of a reworked brochure, a catalog cover, and some groupings of graphics as a package.
Below are a couple of hangtags and a business card for a line of specialty women’s clothing.

This logo was  mocked up for an online specialty coffee company.

This simple logo was created for use on company vans for an air conditioning service.

This little logo was created for use on cards, full color Yellow Page ads, and service vehicle decals for a pest control company. They wanted a clean, unthreatening look.

Here is the logo for a preschool:

Here’s a logo for an electrical cart dealership.

Now, here’s a steakhouse logo with a casual look.

Here’s what happened when I was asked to come up with an urban record label logo.

And then I was asked to come up with a logo for someone needing to instill a little more doggy discipline:

Here’s a logo for a special program for an aerospace firm, using an image of one of the planes in which their components are used, the F-22 Raptor.  NOTE: I did not create the PARKER logo, itself, just these derivative, “2X13” logos, specific to the 2X13 program.  The F-22 Raptor in the photograph from which the vector jet rendering was done is shown on the ramp at Reno’s Stead Field, where its U.S. Air Force pilot turned in a jaw-dropping demonstration of the plane’s capabilities.

Here are a couple of logos developed for an author who specializes in writing about how people comprehend, based upon iconic patterns that they recognize:

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