Cartoon Vector Renderings

Though most of the renderings on tend to be realistic, I also get requests for cartoon renderings.

You just never know what kind of cartooning request you may receive, but here’s a skating turtle on ice.

Well, if you’ve done an iceskating turtle, why not a fish “chef” serving-up the best fried fish, fresh, and hot?

Here’s the Pork Watch “Big Spending Pig” Cartoon, showing up on a mockup of a new iPhone splashscreen.

 This rendering has both more realistic and more cartoonish elements in it:

 This is not my typical style, but I get requests for it, so I work in the style needed, on these kinds of renderings:


In addition to more original work, like the fish frying “chef,” the “Big Spending Pig,”or the “Mosquito,”  above, I’ve also had to reprise old World War Two “Nose Art” Cartoons, for use in doing historical aviation renderings.

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