From time to time, there’s a request for a more dynamic, but non-cartoon rendering.  Here is a kind of rendering that’s been used on everything from business card-sized images to wall-sized mural images.  Detail at that size is visible, down to individual rivets, and to your being able to clearly see the pupils of the pilot’s eyes, right through the windscreen.

A mural version of this basic rendering lines the back wall of the front entranceway of a decal and signage production company that does the graphics for Six Flags Over Texas, and for The Ballpark in Arlington, and it makes you want to duck.

Occasionally, you’re not sure whether you’ll really need color, for a particular illustration, and sometimes, even if cost is no object, a black & white rendering just seems to look better, for certain purposes.  This excerpt from a poster has been inset in both a full color and a black & white version, for comparison.

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