Source Custom Graphics, using either realistic or cartoon-styles of illustration, and a WIDE RANGE of Vector-app Artwork, plus all kinds of great, practical, reality-based solutions to sourcing your production requirements! And, in the exploding realm of VIDEO-based marketing over the Web…

How can graphicommunication help you get video out over the Net?

You can greatly increase your VIDEO impact over the Web, using the kinds of video conferencing services, and easily customizable email video features that you’ll love using. Imagine sending up to five 20-minute videos in one e-mail, reaching as many as 1,000 prospective recipients per email, adding-up to as many as 10,000 video email recipients per day. Yes, 10,000; that’s not a typo; if you have the email list, then we have the capacity. And each video’s screen is surrounded by a custom template of your choosing, from fun, to dramatic, to looks consistent with your branding, with inset photos, logos, and contact info. Look, just imagine being able to conduct a video conference that can last four times longer than you’re used to, and all without having to ask the participants to download software, or to “become a member,” just to be able to join your conference. Less hassle, and more capacity. You’ll be able to share content, sketch out ideas in real time, using the whiteboard feature, and control and coordinate mic usage among up to 100 participants. Everyone can open other windows on their own computers without logging-off, and can listen-in, while checking other content on their computer, so that they can remain in the meeting, without being hostage to it, giving them both the freedom to attend, and freedom while attending.

Look, let’s just face it: Cisco Systems has been projecting that, by 2014, 91% of Web content is going to be VIDEO, and that there will be a ten-fold increase in video calling/conferencing, in the next five years. Am I getting-through to you with this, yet? Can you say, “UPWARD TREND?” What do YOU think? I expect that you, too, can clearly see the obvious trend, and that we’ll all need to adjust, accordingly, and I’m here to help, so let’s get started, as soon as you’re ready……So, seriously, now, let’s at least start getting you ready NOW, because surely, I’m not the only one detecting this trend!

Let us help you meet your design, vector illustration and layout requirements, both with original artwork, or the modification of your pre-existing artwork, for its subsequent use in all sorts of production.

Source and coordinate all kinds of production, conversion, and installation capacities, with a firm experienced in handling projects for corporations, advertising and promotion agencies, and other organizations.

Arrange for meeting all of your conventional print production needs, as well as more unusual requirements, such as those presented by signage, POS, promotions, special events, vehicular graphics, pavilion tents, or printed products needed by the hospitality and restaurant industries, and graphics requiring etching, binding, die-cutting, scoring, stamping, sonic-welding, sample-swatching, embroidery, or other processes.

Obtain help in defining your requirements, brainstorm potential approaches, and plan the sequential ramping-up of your current and future production. Take a fresh approach to crafting or rewriting content and copy.

Tap freelance capacities and management of creative services and production grounded in a broad-based experience in meeting the needs of promotion agencies engaged in national brand promotions, across the US, and in handling an astonishing array of production and tour/event preparation, as well as art for everything from magazine ads to software packages to medical disposables to tractor trailer fleet decals. Simply let us know what you are needing to accomplish!

Let’s get started meeting your design, illustration, and print production requirements!

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